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Landor Equine is run by a team of experienced horsemen & women with many years of experience and who, themselves own several (sport) Horses and are aware of the care and attention required whilst transporting your precious cargo.


We always do our best to fulfill our clients every wish.  You will be kept updated as to the location of your horse during the journey and the estimated time of arrival and we will inform you of any delays such as traffic congestion.  We will contact you one hour prior to arrival as we know many people like to be there to greet their horse.  If you have any specific requests, or if you yourself would like to travel with us together with your horse, we will always do our best to accommodate your requirements.


(inter)national & intercontinental transport, a drive to and from a competition, a visit to the vet – no job is too big or too small. We provide a complete service which covers every aspect of Equine Travel.

Comfort & Safety for the horse while traveling is our top priority.  Our drivers will make plenty of stops to ensure your horse has enough to drink and eat.  We only use top quality feed, hay, apples and carrots.

All of our staff  have a passion for horses and will do everything they can to make sure your horse arrives as quickly and safely as possible.


Or export of horses within Europe, the horse must be checked by a vet to ensure the horse is fit to travel and to confirm the identity of the horse.  We can arrange a vet to come and carry out all the necessary checks.

For horses being exported outside the EU, different procedures have to be followed.  Landor Transport can help you with all the necessary export papers.

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